2nd Fife (Dunfermline) Scout Group
Centenary Logo

The Group was founded in December 1908 and is one of the oldest in Scotland. It is a tremendous achievement that after 100 years the Group remains at the forefront of Scouting in Scotland. Many thousands of boys and girls have benefited from the activities and fellowship of the Group since it was first founded and it is particularly gratifying to know that the numbers of boys, girls, young men and young women in the Group at the moment remain at very strong levels. We have seen two world wars since the Group was founded and seen many, many changes in economic and social conditions yet we have survived and gone from strength to strength. The founders of the Group would take great pride in the success story the Group has been.

Our Centenary Year was a time for celebration and our Group now look forward to the years ahead and hope to build on their current success and achievement.

Photos of the events that took place during our centenary year can be seen in the gallery.